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20121217_012523CONTACT INFO

Contact information for the City: (and to the right)

Also, we are pleased that much of the relevant content for the city website has been leveraged from the research and work on as well as has inspired various Brookhaven websites tackling various and informative topics around town.

Last Meeting for the Commission0

Attended the last commission meeting last night:

1.  THANK YOU to the commission members, co-chairs and volunteers who put a lot of energy, drive and time away from family to setup the city well.   Kim Gocke summarized the effort well:

  • 160 Volunteers
  • 4300+ Hours
  • Only 130 since the referendum
  • Only 68 days since the commission was announced
  • Only 31 days since the interim report was delivered
  • Only 4 days since the runoff election
  • 25 days ’til day one of operations
  • 741 days (approx 2 years) for transition according to the charter

2. City Hall is likely to be located in Ashford Center North for the short-term

3. Municipal Operations will likely Corporate Square (off N. Druid Hills)

4. The surrounding municipalities had helped a significant amount

After the swearing in tomorrow, the Commission will dissolve.   If you see any of these folks, please thank them!

Report and Presentation0

Last night’s Commission Meeting offered a presentation and updated (near final) report to the City.  A ceremonial handover of the first such report was provided to our currently only elected official Jim Eyre.

Here’s a copy of the report


Also, don’t forget to check out how Brookhaven voted (courtesy of the Brookhaven Patch):


More summary information from Brookhaven Reporter:

Its Never Boring in Brookhaven0

Unexpectedly, four of the five city races are in runoffs.   Jim, congratulations.  Best wishes on the remaining candidates.

Mayor District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4

J. Max Davis
Sandy Murray

Rebecca Chase Williams
Kevin D. Fitzpartick Jr.
Jim Eyre Bates Mattison
Kevin Quirk
Joe Gebbia
Karen Lord


More results information:

Brookhaven Patch:

Brookhaven Reporter:

RFPs and 4 open Positions0

I know this has been on a lot of people’s minds.  In revisiting the last Brookhaven Commission meeting, it was good to learn about the progress, opportunity for the commission members to clarify issues and care in the process.

RFPs: To learn more about the RFP process and download documents please see the Brookhaven Commission’s website.

New City Positions:  Also, the commission is accepting resumes for only the following open positions of city manager, city attorney, city clerk, and city accountant.

Volunteers: You can sign-up to volunteer here

To keep up with the Governor’s Commissions Communications here: Website :  Twitter : Facebook

Brookhaven Committees Announced0

In the last commission meeting, the main update was on the formation of committees for the Governor’s commission.  There are 10.  5 Core and 5 working committees. Each is co-chaired by a commission member and a citizen.

Direct Link to the list.

You can sign-up to volunteer here

To keep up with the Governor’s Commissions Communications here: Website :  Twitter : Facebook



First Commission Meeting0

Here are some of the highlights from the first meeting.

  1. The commission is an interim government, with no authority or money, volunteering  time to help setup the city through education, recommendations and committees.
  2. Commissions Communications: Website :  Twitter : Facebook
  3. Bill Riley will be the pro bono attorney.  He has been involved in many of the recent city formations.
  4. Meetings will be held every Thursday at 8pm

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Brookhaven Governor’s Commission Announced0

Governor Deal has announced the five person commission:

Ben Vinson, chairman
Vinson is an attorney at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, where he focuses on political law. Prior to his work at the firm, Vinson served as majority caucus counsel in the Georgia House of Representatives. Vinson received his law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law and his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Furman University. After law school, … Read more →

Meet The Candidates0

Briarwood Park by Stephanie L. Arnold, Brookhaven Patch

The Friends of Briarwood Park is a group of local citizens who care deeply about improving the facilities, programs and access to Briarwood Park and Rec Center. We have monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7pm.

We are opening the park every Tuesday night from 6:30-7:30  until the elections so the citizens in District 2 and 3, specifically, can get to know the candidates for city council and mayor. Each candidate will have the full hour to present and answer questions. They are as follows: … Read more →