The charter for BrookhavenGeorgia.org  is to help you stay informed on the formation of the City of Brookhaven.

Dear Neighbors,

Anand Thaker

If it isn’t already obvious, local politics affects you more on a daily basis than anything at the much publicized federal level.  It’s the best opportunity to understand and appreciate firsthand the complexities of politics and meet the people who affect your livelihood.

Meeting and connecting people are my passions.  Over the last year, volunteering with local organizations and working with my neighbors has been a great way to meet people.    Also, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and learning from  city proponents/opponents, county, state, and local representatives and respective candidates regardless of party.  The result has been an educational and enlightening experience which I hope everyone will take the opportunity to also engage. 

Information and communication are key. This is why I created BrookhaveGeorgia.Org. In a similar theme to our cityhood fact project, my desire is  to leverage the talent and knowledge within our community toward finding the mix of preserving the best of what we have and incorporating the new possibilities.

Creation of a city is a (relatively) rare event and hopefully this website will be useful to you while you stay abreast of things:  People, Organizations, Key Issues, Events, etc…  As we work with local news outlets and local active individuals, we will do what we can to stay on top, and your input and help (no technical knowledge necessary) will always be appreciated.

Once the city opens, BrookhavenGeorgia.org will be donated to our new city where I hope it will continue the spirit of supporting an on-going brand of a more connected, informed and involved community. 

Please contact me here if you’d like to reach out.  Thank you for visiting.  In my short time as a resident of Drew Valley, Brookhaven, I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy the area for its convenience, amenities and most of all, the people.   The people of Brookhaven have immense pride in their community.  It has been wonderful meeting so many educated, talented and active people. 

- Anand Thaker
Drew Valley, Brookhaven, GA