Bates Mattison

District 3 Candidate
(678) 390-3424
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Occupation: Healthcare Administrator


  • Past President, Brookhaven Fields Civic Association


  • Community / Immigrant Outreach (Police services)
  • Sustainability – Sidewalks, Bike Share, Farmer Markets/Community Gardens
  • Performance Measures
  • Public Input
  • School Engagement


  1. Why are you running for this post?

    I believe that Brookhaven has been given an opportunity to create a local government which can govern our area more effectively than in the past, but it will be up to our city leadership to deliver on this promise. As the debate for the “City of Brookhaven” unfolded over the past year, I worked to inform my friends and neighbors to the potential advantages and disadvantages of the vote, becoming more informed and involved as the process evolved. I realized that the success of the “city vote” would ultimately fall upon the leadership and execution of the new mayor and city council members. I am running for the city council to ensure that the new city delivers on the potential of better safety and services without raising taxes. I grew up in Atlanta, moved to Brookhaven after returning from college, and have been active in my efforts to improve the community in which I have lived since 1997. I ask for your vote to continue this effort to make Brookhaven the best City in Georgia.

  2. Why should the voters choose you over the other candidates?

    I have been involved with Brookhaven issues for the fifteen years I’ve lived in Brookhaven. As a native to Atlanta, I have seen both Brookhaven and greater Atlanta grow and change over the last four decades. I have worked with many of District 3 neighborhood organizations and their leadership to promote issues important to our constituents to the county and local businesses. As a business owner, I understand the importance of a responsive local government in addressing the concerns of our economic development. Our new city needs effective leadership to communicate and to develop solutions to the issues facing Brookhaven. I believe I have the background, leadership, and vision to produce the results which Brookhaven deserves.

  3. What do you think should be the first task of the new city government in Brookhaven?

    Initially, our city council must focus on creating the infrastructure for our new city. The departments (Police, Zoning/Code, & Parks) must be created and staffed with individuals dedicated to the goal set forth by the City Commissioners. Our first task should be defining the issues, creating a vision for Brookhaven, setting milestones & goals for ourselves and the city administration, while communicating the progress to our stakeholders and the community. Our city is more connected than ever to our constituents, however we must make sure to hold our government accountable by creating benchmarks our progress.