Joe Gebbia

District 4 Candidate
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Occupation: Owner & President – Health Matters, Inc.


I have a background in business. My corporate background includes working for several Fortune 500 companies as SOHIO, Procter & Gamble and Mobil, and for the last 15 years my wife and I have owned and operated our own successful company. In my years in business I have played an important role in balancing multi-million dollar budgets. I feel the culmination of my corporate and entrepreneurial experiences gives me a unique opportunity to provide a thorough, creative and well-structured approach to the decision making process. This is important because the initial decisions made by your City Council will have a long lasting impact on the character and quality of life of our City.  


  • True Representative of the People
  • The immediate decisions needed to get the government up and running
    • Location of Town Hall
    • Setting up the mechanisms necessary to receive immediate revenues;
    • Hiring a City Manager to be in place on DAY #1 
  • Initiating the process for Selecting a Chief of Police


Your City Council will be instrumental in setting the vision for the City of Brookhaven. I see a Brookhaven that safe, where friendly neighborhoods interact at thriving parks and at organized community events. I see a Brookhaven with an exceptionally responsive government, where services provided exceed expectation, and where the quality of life is improved for all residents.