Attended the last commission meeting last night:

1.  THANK YOU to the commission members, co-chairs and volunteers who put a lot of energy, drive and time away from family to setup the city well.   Kim Gocke summarized the effort well:

  • 160 Volunteers
  • 4300+ Hours
  • Only 130 since the referendum
  • Only 68 days since the commission was announced
  • Only 31 days since the interim report was delivered
  • Only 4 days since the runoff election
  • 25 days ’til day one of operations
  • 741 days (approx 2 years) for transition according to the charter

2. City Hall is likely to be located in Ashford Center North for the short-term

3. Municipal Operations will likely Corporate Square (off N. Druid Hills)

4. The surrounding municipalities had helped a significant amount

After the swearing in tomorrow, the Commission will dissolve.   If you see any of these folks, please thank them!