Briarwood Park by Stephanie L. Arnold, Brookhaven Patch

The Friends of Briarwood Park is a group of local citizens who care deeply about improving the facilities, programs and access to Briarwood Park and Rec Center. We have monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7pm.

We are opening the park every Tuesday night from 6:30-7:30  until the elections so the citizens in District 2 and 3, specifically, can get to know the candidates for city council and mayor. Each candidate will have the full hour to present and answer questions. They are as follows:

  • J Max Davis (Mayoral Candidate) – 8/21
  • Bates Mattison (District 3 Candidate) – 8/28
  • Yvette Bowden (CEO Piedmont Park Conservancy) – 9/4 – Yvette is a wonderful spokesperson for Parks of all shapes and sizes. She is speaking to our regularly scheduled “Friends” group. She is not running for office…in our city.
  • Erik Steavens (District 3) – 9/11
  • Julia Russo (District 3) – 9/18
  • Russ Mitchell (District 2) – 9/25
  • Kevin Quirk (District 3) – 9/2
  • Deborah Anthony (District 3) – 10/9
  • Hope Bawcom (District 3) – 10/16
  • Bridgette O’Donnell (District 3), Larry Danese (Mayor) – 10/23 – Will be scheduled for those candidates ONLY that were not able to attend any of the previous dates. They will have 15 minutes/piece and will take multiple questions from the audience.
  • 10/30 – Open Forum for all candidates to answer final questions before the vote.


We appreciate the courteous nature of the election cycle and would ask those running for city council to not attend during the other candidates session unless it is a mayoral candidate. We would ask the same courtesy from the mayoral candidates. You will have collective time on Oct. 30. We reserve the right to manipulate the 10/23 and 10/30 dates and forums as the election cycle might change in its make-up and size (it might get smaller to allow for more participation, etc.).

We would also ask that we limit the presentations to those candidates running for District 2, District 3 and Mayor. Thank you so much for your interest. See you at Briarwood Park.

- Chad Boles, Friends of Briarwood Park President