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20121217_012523CONTACT INFO

Contact information for the City: (and to the right)

Also, we are pleased that much of the relevant content for the city website has been leveraged from the research and work on as well as has inspired various Brookhaven websites tackling various and informative topics around town.


I’ve reached out to the city to see if there is an opportunity to leverage this domain for a civic use (as a donation).   If there is not, I’d love your ideas on what organizations we should consider donating this to.

Thank you to all of the visitors, contributors and the (692) subscribers who made this website popular without ANY mainstream advertising or promotion.   Our goal was simply to help educate all of us.  All the time, content and technology were donations themselves to ensure integrity and impartial.   Lastly, thanks to the Patch and Reporter for allowing me reference their content.






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