Your Candidates0

A long list of candidates indeed!  You can view the list under “candidates” in the menu which have been broken down by positions.  

We’ve got our work cut out for us.  To help get folks knowledgeable about the candidates, please let them know to get their picture/bio/priorities, etc… to us and we’ll get it up asap.   There are candidates from all walks of life… professionals, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and representatives from other races.   Expect drops in the coming months, however this goes without saying… its going to be an interesting election.

One commentary I wanted to share is that I hear candidates and supporters on both sides who are ready to battle for the best Brookhaven possible… finding the mix of preserving the best of what we had and incorporating the new possibilities.

On to Formation0

First, I wanted to thank the 60+ of you for suggesting a course of action for   As a result, we are going to attempt to remain a resource for the formation efforts on the City of Brookhaven.   This includes process, candidates and news updates as much as possible.  

If you are interested in helping collect facts, please contact us and include your address, why you want to help out.